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Investment Funds and Advisory

With the inclusion of BRADBURY INVESTMENT FUND (SPC) LIMITED (“BIFL”) and BRADBURY FUND MANAGEMENT LIMITED (“BFML”) into the BRADBURY GROUP, the group is able to create and launch our own mutual funds using a wide universe of underlying assets classes from core buildings blocks like stocks, bonds, forex, money market; to alternatives like commodities real estates, gold, derivatives, etc. With the expertise and experience of our investment team, BRADBURY GROUP is able to provide customised advisory services on our clients’ investment portfolio according to their investment objective and risk profile. Our clients will be continually updated on new developments, opportunities and risks about the markets and have access to the very best investment ideas identified by our investment team.

BRADBURY GROUP aims to create an integrated wealth management platform that provides comprehensive range of financial products, advisory services and tools for the investors. These include investment administration, research support, investment training etc. Our team are in a good position to provide timely analysis of financial markets and economics developments which can allow
our clients to have the latest market updates to facilitate our managers to interact closely in matching each investment’s expectations consistently.